Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Best from Super Commercial Sunday

Last year I was a little disappointed in the Super Bowl commercials, but this year the advertisers did not disappoint! I laughed out loud at several commercials! Therefore, I must share them with you!
These are not in order of preference, but the order they played.
1) McDonalds - The voice overs of the football players made me laugh uncontrollably!
2) Doritos - My Whovian side loved the time machine!
3) Bud Lite (in this link the 2 commercials are combined) - The first two Bud Lite commercials made me smile, & got me excited that they would play out this little story through the whole game. Unfortunately, those were the only two they played. So good idea, poor execution in my book.
4) Cheerios - Oh my goodness! I am so glad they brought this adorable family back! Their original commercial makes me tear up every time, and this new one was just precious!
5) Honda - What on Earth! That guy is so creepy, you just gotta laugh!
6) Esurance - Yea Jim Halpert!

And the most touching commercial this year: Budweiser - Every Soldier deserves a Hero's welcome!

And can I just say how very excited I was to see that Go Daddy's commercials were not centered around barely clothed women this year! Thank you Go Daddy!

I gotta admit I was not paying as much attention to the commercials this year as in years past, I had a special little guest watching the Super Bowl commercials with me :) My brother & sister came over with my nephew! And he was definitely more interesting than anything going on with the TV! So what were your fave commercials this year? Any I missed?

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