Saturday, September 5, 2015

Eating, Eating, & Eating Some More!

Well I've been eating, which means I need to get to writing! :) These are actually a little old, but here I am getting caught up!
Hubby & I headed out to Addison to see a play & pulled in here for dinner beforehand. The outside & the inside do not match, at all! From "Cafe & Grill" we were expecting a fast casual dinner. When we walked in I expected Chef Robert Irvine from Restaurant Impossible to follow us in! The walls were painted pink with matching pink tablecloths. Each place setting was set for an elegant meal. It seemed very dated & very fancy. To top it off we had 2 different people, one of which we are pretty sure was the owner, come by & ask us how we heard of the place & if we were from around there. It made it seem like they don't get new diners very often.
However, all our feelings of the setting were completely opposite from our feelings of the food! Their Caprese Salad was made with housemade mozzarella, which was so creamy you could spread it with a butter knife. It did come with capers on top, which I have never been a fan of, but I just scooted them to the side & thoroughly enjoyed my salad :)
I ordered the Ravioli, which was a cheese ravioli in alfredo sauce with baby shrimp. The ravioli & the shrimp were cooked perfectly, It also had a drizzle of tomato sauce over the top which I think really made the dish!
Hubby ordered Lasagna al Forno, which he said was the best lasagna he had eaten in awhile! We were almost late to our play because this was not the quick dinner we were expecting. So if you are ever in Addison & want a nice non rushed meal, surrounded by pink decor ;) Andiamo is your place. I do hope someone goes in & helps them with their decor & marketing, because the food is worth it!
On our way to Shakespeare in the Park, we were looking for another quick dinner place (see a pattern here?) & we chose La Acapulquena mainly because they had parking :)
I ordered Tacos al Carbon, which was 3 beef fajita tacos with the most amazingly seasoned beef! It was served with queso to dip them in along with sour cream, guac, pico, & refried beans. Everyone was very happy with their meals. This will become a regular spot on our Shakespeare nights!
Recently, my Sister introduced my mom & I to Cupcake Co in Cedar Hill. It is off the beaten path, & I may have never found it myself!
It is in the cutest little building!
We originally went because they have snow cones, but when I saw the cupcake options I knew that's what I wanted! This was the moistest softest cupcake you can imagine! The frosting was so sweet & creamy. I need to go back! Today! :)
On our way to Rockwall to visit Woodcreek Brewing, we stopped at Bakers Ribs for lunch.
I got the ribs, which were cooked with a dry rub. I love dry rub ribs! When ribs don't need sauce, that's when they have been cooked perfectly & that is the case with Bakers Ribs! Their sides were also very yummy, anyone who puts bacon in their green beans is someone I can be friends with ;)
Next time we go I will have to try one of their fried pies! They looked so yummy, but we were about to go try several beers, didn't need pie on top of it! Have you had their fried pie? They had sweet & savory! I don't know which to try first! :)

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