Monday, September 28, 2015

Niece's First Six Flags Trip!

Lynnlea was super excited about her first trip to Six Flags! :)
Big Brother was also very excited to show her around, being the expert he is!
Walk a mile...on... Daffy's shoes ;)
Go Nephew Go!

It's a long way down!

Don't look now, but Daddy has ice cream!
Uh oh, mommy caught us!
My Sister said Nephew started talking about the train when they got out of their car!
Hand-Wringing excitement!
What you see over there Niece?!

Oh, to live life through his eyes!

Pure Joy!
Time for the Bouncing Boots!
Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy!
Hubby & I finally rode on the New Texas Giant! This was the first roller coaster I ever rode, so I've been wanting to get back on it now that they remodeled it! It was awesome!!
They went on the Log Ride while we were in line. Nephew loves water!
Oh no!!! I must protect her!!
In case you were wondering, Fright Fest has already begun :)
The Yosemite Sam ride is always a must!
It was to dark to take pics in the ride, but she was really looking around at all the characters!
Hubby & I felt like Six Flags really stepped up their game this year for Fright Fest! It was reminiscent of Fright Fest when we were younger and we are loving sharing it with a new generation :)

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