Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pump It Up for Leah!

This afternoon we celebrated Leah's 3rd birthday at Pump It Up in Arlington. It's bounce houses as far as the eye can see :)
The kids had so much fun!
Here is Riblet #1 enjoying the slide
Big smile!
Nephew loved the obstacle course!
But he couldn't get through the whole thing, so Grandpa JimJim to the rescue!
Rib & the Riblets played a little soccer :)
Then it was on to room #2, which had a climbing wall, & 2 more obstacle courses.
Riblet #2 hopped all the way across!
He's part frog!
Hubby didn't make it as far ;)
Nephew wants to go on the big obstacle course, but he calls for Daddy first :)
Up he goes!
Niece & Nanny were loyal spectators
Next it's time for snacks, cake & presents! Leah gets her own throne!
Leah's 2 favorite things - Princesses & Dinosaurs!
Make a wish!
Look at the happy family! Leah knows how to have a great birthday party! Fun for kids & adults (even if some of the adults limp away afterwards ;) )


  1. You're a great writer and beautiful woman. I love reading these. 😊