Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hot Wheels & Dinosaurs

Yesterday was Riblett #1's 6th birthday!! He wanted a Hot Wheels & Dinosaurs birthday party! Here is his table complete with Oreo spare tires ;)
A fruit loving Long-Neck
Peanut Butter "wheels" because one of his favorite snacks is peanut butter on a tortilla :)
His loving parents are calling everyone to come get hamburgers & Hot Dogs!
Even the cups looked like traffic cones!
And the cake! Rib made this complete with volcanoes, dinosaurs, a Hot Wheel track, & Superman thrown in for good measure!
Riblett wanted 6 candles & the "6" candle :)
Make a wish!
A whole volcano for the growing boy!
They had a great time playing with water guns,
Hot Wheels,
& Dinosaurs!
Then time to open gifts!
Lots of Hot Wheels
So of course, the new tracks needed to be broken in!
To end it all, he climbed up on the van to "surprise" daddy with his water gun ;) I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself :)

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